Diet Fitness is Not What You Think

Health and fitness consciousness is nearly universal in nature; everywhere you turn, people are becoming concerned. For some people it is not so much a health issue as a desire to look like the latest super model or television star. The end result has been a surge in health spas, fitness centers and gyms popping up all over the world to cater to the needs of the health and fitness interested individuals.

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If you had not yet considered getting in shape a few minutes in front of your television may change your mind, on any given day there are tons of advertisements for everything from miracle diet pills to the latest machinery. What this approach fails to point out is that exercise is only a small part of the equation; you have to be willing to watch what you eat as well. Health and fitness is going to require a proper diet fitness combination.

Fad Diets

The diet fitness combination is vitally important to any weight loss plan. Your body and muscles require fuel and proper nutrition for growth and proper usage. The way you eat is not an optional part of the plan. You have probably seen a variety of diet techniques developed by so called professionals that advocate concentrating on or eliminating specific food groups or substances such as fat or carbohydrates; however which of these diets is really safe and how do you choose between them?

Educate Yourself

If you are going to be successful at losing weight, you are going to first have to educate yourself about diets, what works and what doesn’t. There are fundamental differences in the above mentioned diet methods. High carbohydrate diet plans mean you will be taking in large amounts of carbs and a high fat diet is similar. The position of the high carb crowd is that glycogen is stored in your liver and muscles the release of this substance gives you high amounts of energy when you are doing anaerobic exercise.

On the flip side is fat, which is the best source of calories. You can expect to get double the calories from fats than you do from carbohydrates or protein either one. Research has been done that proves the body must burn 24 calories to metabolize carbs; however, it only needs a minuscule three to burn fat. The question still remains on which diet to follow and that will depend a bit on what your goals are but one thing is certain you do not want to combine the two techniques! That is a sure recipe to add body fat to your frame.